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Phenomena "Inspired" Science in Grades 6-8

How does wind change the Earth’s surface? This is one of the recent questions that Danielle Stone’s 7th grade science class was seeking...

Grading - What does an A really mean?

Since November, a group of staff at the secondary level has been participating in a professional development book study using Joe...

Civics - Democracy in Action

In 2018, DESE revised the History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks that prioritized civics education. Later that year, Governor...

Building Knowledge Starts With Vocabulary

In classrooms across Pentucket, teachers are working hard to embed vocabulary instruction into their lessons. Across all content areas...

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

Each year, October is recognized worldwide as Dyslexia Awareness Month, a time to come together to raise awareness and share resources...

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